Arboretum Photography Policy

  1. Photographers are expected to follow all garden policies and procedures throughout the Cedar Valley Arboretum and Botanical Gardens (CVABG).
  2. The Photography Membership at the CVABG includes the benefits of a Family Membership. A photographer who applies for a Photography Membership agrees to follow this policy (a copy is included in the application).
  3. Photography Memberships must be paid for each year. Failure to follow this CVABG Photography Policy or the CVABG Etiquette Guide are grounds for revocation and forfeiture of any and all fees paid. Reinstatement is at the discretion of Staff.
  4. The Photographer’s activities will not interfere with the enjoyment of the CVABG by others.
  5. Photographers must leave the gardens in the same condition as when they arrive. They should report any issues to staff before starting a shoot.
  6. The use of large props (larger than hand held) for a photo shoot are discouraged. Exceptions must be approved in advance by staff when a shoot is scheduled and may incur extra cost. Battery powered equipment is permitted. The CVABG will not provide 110v power for a photo shoot. Tripods are allowed but should not block pathways or limit the garden access of others. The use of drones within the CVABG is strictly prohibited.
  7. When a photographer brings clients to the Arboretum, the photography membership covers admission of the photographer and also the first four (4) participants in a photo shoot. A nominal “Photo day pass fee” ($3.00 per participant) will be collected from the fifth and each subsequent person ages 5 and older participating in that photo shoot who are not CVABG members. Children ages four and under will not be charged an admission fee.
  8. Photography sessions of the Photographer and four (4) persons or fewer do not require advance scheduling, however during very busy times of the year the photographer should alert the CVABG Staff of a planned shoot in advance, regardless of size, to minimize any conflicts. Shoots should not be planned during major CVABG events such as the Fall Harvest Festival. Exceptions can only be approved by staff.
  9. Advance scheduling (three (3) days minimum) is required for any photo session involving the Photographer and more than four (4) people. Scheduling will follow a first come first serve process.
  10. Photographers who are working a rental event (such as a wedding) may have some restrictions based on the event rental agreement. Any restrictions will be explained to the renter at the time of event rental application.
  11. Photo shoots extending outside regular CVABG open hours must be approved and scheduled in advance by staff and may incur extra cost due to overtime.
  12. The CVABG assumes no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to any equipment or belongings.
  13. The CVABG maintains its right to use any commercial photography of the Arboretum not done specifically for someone by a photographer. Such images will be credited to the Photographer.
  14. Photography of nudes, swimsuits, lingerie, or other subjects of a graphic nature are strictly prohibited.



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